ProductTake Back Your Power!

Have you ever struggled with hurting someone else’s feelings? Do you have a difficult time saying no? Do you come last on your to-do list? Do you wish you had some guidance so you  figure it out for YOURSELF??

Is it worth is to STOP all the things that drive you crazy so you can live in your power????

Then this course is for you.

What is it? Take Back Your Power – Unleash Your Inner Warrior: It’s a Five Module Online System built to teach you precisely how to be extremely powerful in your own life, no matter what. You have an Inner Warrior inside that is meant to be your guide and inpower you, and this course will introduce you to them.

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Here’s a general overview of the modules; Bonus materials and handouts aren’t listed here but are included in your package.

Module One: The Big Reveal: The Secret of Boundaries

Learn about your own Inner Warrior, the laws of inpower and the mission of your warrior-self. Understand the Spectrum of Defense Mindset. Learn The Five Keys To Personal Safety and much more. Practical tips to understand and see your own “aha’s”. 

Module Two: Your Why Matters

It propels you forward. Why is finding and unleashing the inner warrior and inpower imperative to your happiness and success? Why is now so important?

Module Three: How? The Big Strategy Module of How Boundaries Work

How can you come first in your own life? Learn how you can find your own voice and set comfortable healthy limits. What’s important to know about self-care and why it isn’t selfish. The living “how’s” of the inner warrior. This module is broken into 3 parts. 

Module Four: Who’s on your team, and who isn’t.

Who is your inner warrior, the hero in your story, and who isn’t. How to deal with these situations with grace. Who are you at your finest, and who are you at your not so best?

Module Five: When is it time?

When is the time for your warrior to be fully inpower, when is it time for the inner warrior to show up?

Find your individual ‘when’ and understand why it’s so important.

Bonus Module: Shhhhh, secret bonus stuff!

Where’s the drama draining you? Where are the energy suckers? Where are your dreams taking you? Where are you headed?
Where are you distracted and where can you free yourself?

*These workshops are online and you can watch it virtually, on your time. There are several videos, worksheets and handouts for each module. Once you purchase the program, you have access to the first two modules.

Take the time to evaluate your week and put yourself first. Set yourself up well armed. Since it’s online, you can watch and download the sheets anytime.

The course is 5 modules but last more than 5 sessions as some of the material is broken into two parts.  

**There will be pre-work prior to the start, just some things for you to think about. It will be emailed to you after you register.


Take Back Your Power!

$250.00 per month for 3 months