ProductFive Warrior Defense Tips

Simple and Practical Defense Tools to keep you Safe & Sane:img_6464

The more sane you are, the more you’re able to do the work you came here to do.

The more safe you feel, the more you are able to grow into the person you came here to be. These 5 tips are simple, yet oh, so effective. Out of training tens of thousands of clients over 20 years, these are the 5 most effective tips you need to learn. All the teaching boiled down into the 5 most effective “Aha’s” I get in the live Higher Self Defense, Adrenal Stress & Conditioning Workshops, POW, and Women’s Self-Defense workshops. Enjoy!

by Master Theresa Byrne of United Martial Arts & Fitness Center, creator of Bling with Sting, POW Defense Training, The Fitness Revolution for Kids DVD, and author of “InPower: The Guide To Unleashing Your Superpowers”.

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Five Warrior Defense Tips