CourseUnderstanding Anger

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Anger. It’s one of the most maligned and misunderstood emotions we have.

No one likes to get angry, but we all do. Some of us get angry more often than others, and some of us shut down around it. Anger most often shows up in relationships and learning how to not only understand it, but learn how to work with anger makes your life so much easier.

Anger is something we all have to learn how to deal with effectively. Now. Before anger has it's way with you and you wonder "what happened?" Kids aren't taught how to deal with their anger, and I've been a successful Anger Management Educator since 2009 to both kids and adults. They all need support.

Pretending we don’t get angry doesn’t work, neither does holding it all in, or exploding. Please do yourself and your kids and loved ones the favor of learning about anger.

This course includes 6 Key Units filled with Tools and Techniques to reset how you respond.