Learn how to deal with your anger before it becomes a problem. This course will help you through real world examples and case studies using the actual tools and techniques in the course. Understand your anger and let it guide you, not take over.

Do you ever wonder when you walk into a room if it's ok to be you? Do you worry that you might be "too much" or "too this/that/the other"? This course is designed based on 20+ years of successfully training in and teaching martial arts and self-defense: how to access that sense of personal power that's inherent and living inside each of us. It's already inside you, my job is to help you find it. Unleash your inner warrior.

Are you unclear how to set boundaries in dating without being mean?

We're here to show you how you can transform your relationships with men by setting clear boundaries.

5 Warrior (Ninja) Defense Tips to keep you Safe & Sane:

by Master Theresa Byrne of United Martial Arts & Fitness Center, founder of Bling with Sting, POW Defense Training, The Fitness Revolution for Kids DVD, and author of “InPower: Woman’s Guide To Unleashing Your Superpowers”.

We can befriend and understand our fears, or we can let them stop us. It's all a matter of choice. In this course, you'll have a chance to learn a few tricks when it comes to looking at the fears in your life. You can either start to understand and befriend your fears, or you can let them stop you.

The choice is yours.