InPower Cover HeadshotWhat’s the secret to loving your day-to-day life and accomplishing your big dreams?

Letting go of all the obstacles in your way!

My name is Theresa, and I’m a Master Instructor in martial arts, but if you boil it all down: my accreditations, training, certification, and degrees: it’s ancient principles of power used in modern applications.


POWER. Empowered. InPower. In YOUR power.

What does it means to be powerful? It means to live your purpose, and in your truest evolution of self-power. 

I’ve been called a Power Broker. The Empress of Encouragement. My gift is that I can see where people are fully in power, where their power is “inert”, or where they’ve become disempowered (I call it a “power outage”). There are several common places where people get stuck in power outages and I help them get back to alignment. To being light.

These courses are created to help you if: 

  • You feel like you’re struggling against the current in your own life.
  • You may feel that life, or the universe, is against you (it’s not).
  • You aren’t doing what you know you need or WANT to do.
  • You may feel as if the same lessons or obstacles keep popping up and all your efforts aren’t getting you where you want to be.
  • You continually self-sabotage.
  • You think you should be able to “figure it out” but you can’t.


After teaching thousands of people, I saw that the one thing that stopped people from living powerfully was our old unexamined beliefs.

I’d teach these awesome ninja skills, but people weren’t always comfortable using their skills in every day situations. It drove me nuts!

I realized that fear of changing weighed much heavier than desire for most people and I wanted to MAKE A CHANGE!

These courses will teach you some of  the TRUTHS about life, and allow you to start releasing any that hold you back.

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Take Back Your Power – 5 Steps To Unleash Your Inner Warrior